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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

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         2mm shaft to     

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2mm shaft to 4mm prop, Internal collet adapter - Product Image
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2mm shaft to 4mm prop, Internal collet adapter

Fits 2 motor shafts. Each package contains 5 collets. Presses into 4mm bore props. This is the easy way to adapt the small GWS Hyper Drive props such as the 4-2.5 thru 5x4.3" props to 2mm shafts. 20mm inrunners like HiMax 2015 and 2025, Hacker 20mm inrunners, almost all 20mm in runners long or short have 2 mm shafts. Many smaller outrunners also use 2mm shafts. Laser cut from aircraft grade plywood.

Notes: There are 7 props in the GWS line with a 4mm bore ranging from 4"x2.5" to 5x4.3". Also note the RRC Direct 4x3" prop has a 4mm bore. This adapter will get all these 4mm bore props onto a 2mm shaft.

SKU Number: RRCPA2-4

Price: $2.00 

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