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3/32"/2.4mm Flexible Shrink Tubing for Wires, 3-Foot Pc - Product Image
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3/32"/2.4mm Flexible Shrink Tubing for Wires, 3-Foot Pc

This material shrinks easily with your covering shrink gun, lighter or other heat source. After shrinking, this higher quality tube stays flexible keeping your strain relief plans intact. Shrinks about 50%. 1/16 and 3/32 sizes are most popular for individual servo and park flier pack wires. 1/8" for strain relief on 2 pole 22 gauge battery pack wire, larger sizes for larger wire. Shown at right is 3/8" for locking together servo connectors you won't be able to easily inspect later.
Measurement is inside diameter.
Very economical to keep plenty of this material on hand. You'll find many uses, we even use the smallest size for wheel collars on some of our kits!
Sold in 3' lengths, typically comes in black, color shipped may vary.
Hint:In a pinch? Short sections of tubing can be opened up 25% to 50% larger with hemostats or fine needle nose pliers.

SKU Number: WS02.4
Price: $1.00 

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