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4 Port Lipo Charger, 'Til It's Gone Special!

We found this 4 port fixed 2S Lipo charger hidden in a dusty corner of our inventory. Boxes are shelf worn from storage. Runs on 12V DC input with power indicator light. Power connector included. 3 Ports for 2S Lipo packs, 1 port for 3S Lipo pack. All 4 ports have charging indicators and charge at 475mah. Each port is a wire about 32" long. Solder on whatever connector you want. We can add most connectors for $2 a port. Just let us know. May be used for electric flight packs as well with connector change or adapters. Originally marketed to Lithium RX battery users. New Old Stock product. Was $120. Get a bargain on these units. We have 4 units in stock at time of this listing (11/08/2010).
Price: $45.00 

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