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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

Dummy R-985 Radial 
 Flite Test visits Radical RC 
         60 40 Rosin     

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60/40 Rosin Core Solder 16oz. Spool - Product Image
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60/40 Rosin Core Solder 16oz. Spool

I've sent people to purchase this brand solder for years, now we have it in stock. OD .062" (1.57mm), Net Wt. 1lb. 60% tin, 40% lead. If you want to be sure you'll have real solder (not the junk lead free enviromental wacko crap) that flows and produces nice bright joints, get a whole pound now. It's continuing to get more difficult and expensive to obtain.

Before sending me an email about the dangers of lead poisoning and children, be sure to include pointers to a few cases of children being poisoned by eating circuits and wires. Heck, I'll even accept one case if you can find it. I reject the emotional ploy of potentional lead poisoning in children from eating circuits and wires. It's non-sense and junk-science.

Little Johnny: "I've got a ringing in my ears......" Dad: "Oh, Johnny, don't tell me you've been mixing capacitors and coils again!"
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