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A123/LithiumWerks LIFE Insert for Sullivan S642 Battery Box - Product Image
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A123/LithiumWerks LIFE Insert for Sullivan S642 Battery Box

Custom designed A123/LithiumWerks battery to fit your Sullivan S642 battery box.

4 A123/LithiumWerks cells nominal voltage: 12.8V. More punch than a 12V lead acid or 10 cell NiCad battery.
5 A123/LithiumWerks cells nominal voltage: 16.0V. Equivalent to 13 cell NiCad/NiMH.
6 A123/LithiumWerks cells nominal voltage: 19.2V. Equivalent to 16 cell NiCad/NiMH.
8 A123/LithiumWerks cells nominal voltage: 25.6V. Better power than two 12V Lead Acid batteries in series.

Our pack comes to you ready to plug into the Sullivan battery monitor board and is designed to fit right into your S642 case without any modifications. Refer to Sullivan for correct blade and polarity hookup.*

We suggest our custom charge cord for directly charging the battery through the XH balance connector. Simply pop open the yellow door on the side of the holder and connect to the balance harness. The opposite end of our cord connects to both the balance input of your charger as well as the standard 4mm banana charge output port. Limit charge current to 2 amps through the balance harness. Only charge with a charger in A123/LithiumWerks balance charge mode set to proper cell count and 2 amps maximum.

Special Notes for 25.6V battery: Use the 4S charge cord. The battery will have two 4S balance connector outputs. Charge through each of the two ports individually with charger set for 4S (12.8V) LIFE battery. NEVER charge them at the same time by using a Y harness or any two charge ports utilizing the same power source. If you do, fire or injury will result. (The SMOKE and BLUE LIGHT light will escape likely burning the hands that are holding the connectors, possibly ruin your battery and destroy your once beautiful battery box. Aw shucks!) Charging each 1/2 of the 8 cell pack separately and consecutively is required because most people do not own a charger capable of addressing an 8S battery pack. If you own a charger capable of 8S in LIFE mode, we can special build the pack and charge cord for you.

*Lithium batteries connected to electronic circuits must be charged periodically to prevent the circuit from running the pack dry. A Lithium pack ran down to zero cannot be recovered. The Sullivan battery box is presumed to be designed not to ruin a battery. However, we will not provide a warranty for any battery run to zero by this or any other device. Don't ask, don't tell us about it. Test and charge your battery periodically at your own discretion.

Yes, there is a small premium over our normal A123/LithiumWerks pack builds. Because of the restricted space, packs to fit the Sullivan battery box require extra time to build.

*Special Note: The very early version of this battery box could run a battery down if the voltage programming button had never been depressed. This was corrected in late 2015. It's a good idea to go ahead and set the voltage even if you won't be referencing the voltage. Sullivan is a great company and this is the finest battery box available in my view.

Price: $86.00 
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