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A123/LithiumWerks Life Nano Phosphate 2S 2500mah Receiver Pack - Product Image
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A123/LithiumWerks Life Nano Phosphate 2S 2500mah Receiver Pack

A123/LithiumWerks Nano phosphate 2S 2500mah Pack 2-#26650 Cells. Finest RX pack technology and cell ever produced. See individual cell listing above for cell specifications.

Standard shape is Flat (side by side) as shown in photo. Stick packs may also be constructed as a "Stick" for narrow use.

There is no optional length for XH balance ends - use XH extension.

Use only Lithium chargers with an A123/LithiumWerks mode limiting charge voltage to 3.6V per cell. An Astro Blinky for A123/LithiumWerks is highly recommended as a balancing aid for these cells.

Specification's: Weight of built 2S 2300 RX pack is 5.86oz/(166g). See A123/LithiumWerks 2500 Single Cells Above for all other available data.

Want a custom pack? Give us a call, 937-256-7727 and we can special make any kind of pack you require!

Note: Photo shows sample Rx pack with double lead option.

For checking pack voltage between flights, our best advice currently is: Leave model on after flight, plug loaded volt meter directly into pack balance plug (charge port ok but not preferred) hold load engaged, switch model off. Allow pack to drain into meter for 5 seconds, take your reading. See my blog post Checking A123 RX Packs For Recharge Point for help in this area.



SKU Number: RRC2S2500
Price: $47.00 
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