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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

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         BEC Extension     

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BEC 3" Extension - Product Image
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BEC 3" Extension

3" BEC extension. Male BEC on one end female BEC on other. This is the plug used on all the GWS speed controls on the battery input. Birds and bees lesson - gendered by plastic jacket, not the pins, so this plug has male pins yet battery plug fints inside this plug making this plug female. We use these plugs 0 to 8 amps. Deans mini plugs should be considered also for 6 to 10 amps Often incorretly called JST. JST is a company that makes many many plugs! Introduced to the hobby as BEC plugs by Futaba decades ago, Even GWS calls them BEC plugs. Since we like to be accurate, we call them BEC plugs here too.

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Price: $3.50 

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