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Bondhus Ballpoint "Stubby" Allen Metric 7 pc Set - Product Image
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Bondhus Ballpoint "Stubby" Allen Metric 7 pc Set

A Stubby hex key is the perfect solution for reaching an area too restricted to be accessible for a standard hex key. These low profile keys work in all the standard places as well as many low profile hard to reach locations. Helps avoid the temptation to cut down your one of your standard wrenches for special situations. Includes sizes 1.5,2,2.5,3,4,5 and 6mm.

Manufactured from Protanium Steel with ProGuard corrosion protection. The bend radius on a Bondhus Stubby is considerably tighter than that of a standard hex key. The same clean, sharp edges as those found on standard Bondhus® hex keys.

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SKU Number: BDH16592

Price: $10.00 

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