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Castle Creations Phoenix HV 110 - Product Image
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Castle Creations Phoenix HV 110

High Voltage Sensorless Brushless Motor Control

Can you handle this much power? Has there ever been a controller this much ahead of it's time, and waiting for motor and battery technology to catch up to it? Make sure you're sitting down first before comparing the price to the nearest competing product with similar capabilities. And inexpensive in this case, most certainly does NOT mean anything was sacrificed in design and component quality. Castle Creations leads the industry in reliable design and also sets the standard for customer service and support. We know everything in your large aircraft rides on having smooth power you don't even have to think about, so when it comes time to step up in electric capability, rely on Castle Creations for quality first designed speed controllers, and the money you've saved makes YOU simply smarter.

Part # PHXHV-110
BEC none (dual opto-coupled)
Maximum Cells 36 NiMH/NiCad, or 12s LiPo (50v)
Continuous 110 amps
Minimum Cells 12 NiMH/NiCad, or 4s LiPo
Switching Rate Programmable (13, 26, or 52KHz)
Resistance 0.001 Ohms
Brake Programmable
Reversible Yes - change any two wires
Low Voltage Cut-off Programmable
Size 1.55 x 2.8 x 1.25 in.
Weight (with wires) 5.3 oz. (150g)
Universal Connector.

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SKU Number: CCPHX110HV

Price: $229.46 
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