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Castle Creations Phoenix HV 85

Castle Creations Phoenix HV 85

High Voltage Sensorless Brushless Motor Control

The Phoenix HV-85 has the power handling capability for just about anything you can put into the sky! With a total ability of over 4,000 watts (that's 5 horsepower!), The Phoenix HV-85 is right at home in all quarter and giant scale fixed wing aircraft, and large helicopters alike. Our factory pilot Dan Landis has one as his secret weapon for this season's FAI pattern competition, including the Nats in Muncie. Compare the price, size, and capability of the Phoenix HV-85 to the competition, and you'll understand the Castle Creations advantage. Top competition F3A, giant scale airobatics, and large helicopters - The Phoenix HV-85 does it all, and keeps it's cool while flowing the power!


Part # PHXHV-85
BEC none (dual opto-coupled)
Maximum Cells 36 NiMH/NiCad, or 12s LiPo (50v)
Continuous 85 amps
Minimum Cells 12 NiMH/NiCad, or 4s LiPo
Switching Rate Programmable (13, 26, or 52KHz)
Resistance 0.0015 Ohms
Brake Programmable
Reversible Yes - change any two wires
Low Voltage Cut-off: Programmable
Size 1.55 x 2.8 x 1.25 in.
Weight (with wires) 4.2 oz. (119g)
Universal Connector.

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Price: $178.46 
Battery Input Connector Option 
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