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Cessna RG Retracts Main Gear 8 to 12 lb Aircraft - Product Image
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Cessna RG Retracts Main Gear 8 to 12 lb Aircraft

The worlds first production high wing Cessna main gear retracts. For 8 to 12 lb aircraft. Retracts actuate by direct servo drive. A second servo is used for positive up and down lock. The locking pin prevents landing loads from working against the actuation servo and reduce buzzing.

Use your radio or a gear door sequencer to actuate the locking pin servo. Left and right actuation servos run in opposite directions. Reversing can be handled with separate channels, sequencer, or programmable servos. Locking pin servos may be driven by separate channels or a reversing Y. You must be capable of programming these procedures on your own or use a gear door sequencing device. We will be unable to provide programming steps simply because we do not own every possible radio.

Order of operations is exactly like gear door sequencing.
1. Pull locking pin.
2. Short delay then deploy gear (Or retract gear)
3. Short delay then engage locking pin.

Locking pin servo can be an HS-55 or HS-65HB. Unit is designed to use either servo. A spacer is provided for the 55.

Actuation servo needs to have 180 degree capability. We have used the HS-5645MG. Available below.

A Hitec servo programmer is useful to set servo speeds and end points. These settings may be available in your transmitter or in a sequencing device.

Trunnion block holds 3/16" music wire for landing gear legs. Pattern provided to bend for Sig 76.8" Seagull Cessna 337 and Top Flite Cessna 182 Skylane (15/th scale) Gold Edition .60 Size ARF or Gold Edition Kit. Phoenix models recently released a 1/5th scale 182 also, Top Flite pattern. Trunnion blocks available for 7/32 wire if you want to try these in a heavier bird. Sections of music wire available below, 2 pieces required, 4 packs are listed if you want extra for mistakes. At this time, the gear wire is not available pre-bent. See below.

Required mounting width: 7 1/4" (184mm)
Retract frame width and length 3.625" (92mm)
Retract frame height: 1.250" (31.75mm)

Modeling skills are required to install these retracts in any kit or ARF. The bottom of the fuse must be opened up. A sturdy 3/32" Aircraft ply bulkhead and side doublers fabricated and installed to fasten the retract frames to. Pre-drill all holes in retract frame for fasteners.

NOTE!  Not usually in stock. These are hand made one or a few sets at a time.  Order several months in advance of your need.


Actuation Servos  
Locking Pin Servos  
Y Harness for Locking Pin  
Trunion Block Version  
Music Wire/Gear Wire  

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