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Chili Pepper CP20 Series Brushless E-Motor  A TIL ITS GONE SPECIAL - Product Image
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Chili Pepper CP20 Series Brushless E-Motor A TIL ITS GONE SPECIAL

All our current inventory is the late Version II updated motor. Motor updates include and all new rotor, higher grade magnets, upgrade to 416 stainless steel shafts, magnet threaded with shaft and a new space-age adhesive for magnets and rotors and an additional back-iron to hold in the magnetic flux. If you're tired of the lower priced/lower efficiency motors and want something much better, here it is! 6-to 10 cell (2-3 Lipo), 3600 and 4200Kv brushless motor. 16mm mount spacing with 2.3mm shaft. 60g/2.10z. Table below presumes high quality Lipo, NiCad or NiMH cells. - 3 phase 2 pole.

The company that made these motors is long since gone. Seems like these sold for $79 or so. I don't remember exactly. Here is a super bargain, painfully below actual cost. All new, when they are gone, they are gone. All sales of Till It's Gone merchandise is AS-IS and Final.

- Highly efficient Bifurcated Windings (Patented)

- Highest Temp rated Magnets (FeNdB) and Wire in the R/C Motor community

- Upgraded, ABEC 3 Stainless steel protected ball bearings

- Easy service motor housing

- Anodized motor body CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum

- Heat treated 416 grade Stainless Steel Shaft

- Suitable for GWS or Planetary gearboxes & Ducted Fans. RRC Planetary 3.8:1 gearbox requires 2.3mm shaft motor. GWS requires 2mm, Himax Gearbox requires 2mm, RRC Offset gearbox 2 or 2.3mm shaft motors.

3600KV Motor Application Chart:
Gear RatioPropLipoAmpsThrust Oz.Pitch SpeedWatts
3.8:18-63S10.821 51122
3.8:19-53S13.227 41149
3.8:110-3.83S14.529 30168
5.33:1-C12-63S16.536 34186
6:1-D13-6.53S14.134 31159

4200KV Motor Application Chart:
Gear RatioPropLipoAmpsThrust Oz.Pitch SpeedWatts
3.8:18-63S18.329 60206
4.75:1-B8-63S11.420 50128
4.75:1-B9-5-3S13.927 41156
5.33:1-C10-63S16.832 43189
6:1-C12-63S1633 35180

Check out our combo's below with Castle Creations ESC's and Planitary Gearbox also available.

Note, this company is no longer around. This is our remaining inventory. Old retail price $99. Take advantage of this "Til It's Gone" special.

SKU Number: CP20D3600-4200TIG
Motor Winding & Shaft  
Combo Gearbox  
Combo ESC  
Plug-N-Play Solder Motor-ESC  
Plug-N-Play Solder ESC Battery Plug  

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