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Custom Charge Cord Precision Lithium

Custom Charge Cord Precision Lithium

A unique issue exists with lithium charge cords. This shows up particularly when using A123, LiFe or Lipo RX/Tx battery packs. The problem? There is too much voltage drop through the charge cord, particularly where regular factory type RX battery plugs are employed. What actually happens is the charger is measuring the voltage on it's board, NOT THE PACK VOLTAGE. Understand this and your ahead of 99% of all modelers out there. The pack is actually a lower voltage than the voltage measured on the board of the charger when you are charging. Likewise, the pack is higher voltage than readout on charger when your discharging. This causes longer charge times and lower inaccurate capacity readings when discharging. If you want to do this service work the best you can, you need a Radical RC Precision Charge Cord.

If you want to see just how bad the situation can be with standard charge cords, total the voltage of the individual cells as shown on your balance screen and see how much less it is when charging than the voltage readout of your main charge screen. This error causes the charger to step down to lower charge rates long before the pack is truly full enough to do so.

Our precision cords will shorten your charge time, improve your testing accuracy, make you smarter and more handsome to boot. All cords are equipped with 4mm banana (bullet) ends to fit standard lithium era chargers. Overall cord length is about 10-12".

Our precision charge cords connect to your RX/TX (or electric flight pack) through the balance harness and the output plug at the same time. Charging through both plugs simultaneously. This greatly reduces the voltage drop across the charge cord. The total of your individual cell voltages readout on your charger will more closely match the total voltage displayed on your main screen. Usually within .02V per amp of charge rate. Care at higher charge rates (above 3 amps) should be taken to never apply current when only the balance connector is connected.

Note, RX type connector pins (Futaba, JR, Hitec, Spektrum, Airtronics, JST/BEC) should be limited to 4 amps charge rates max. With our Precision Charge Cords and it's double connection, never charge over 6 amps. Think of it, you can cut your A123 receiver pack charge time to 2/3 the previous time with this improved charge cord.

Anything missing? If so, be sure to inform us, we'll get the website updated to include your plug. Deluxe charger input cable not recommended for RX/TX pack charging, only for large electric motor packs.

Price: $18.00 
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