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Custom Extension & Adapter, 20 Gauge Ultra Heavy Duty Silicone Insulation

We can hand make your Ultra Heavy Duty Silicone extensions and adapters to almost any specification. Choose from drop down menus your preferences. Generally we size these by measuring from the back of each connector. So the overall length will be greater by connector shell length. Twisted wire can be adjusted slightly in length by changing the number of twists. We try to get within about 1/2" of your spec. Please order long enough to compensate for minor variance.

Note: 3,6,12,18,24,36, & 40" are stock machine made sizes and are lower cost, find them in the connector category to fit your specific brand. Check there first to see if any stock sizes will meet your needs.

Note: True 20 gauge is so large there is no room inside the connector shell for insulation hence you get no strain relief. This wire is as close to 20 gauge as is practicably possible. Our very best 90 strand radio wire. See further discription of wire types and strand counts in the bulk wire area.


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Connector Male End (plugs into RX)  
Connector Female End (accepts your servo plug)  

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