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Custom Extension Male-Male Vinyl Insulation

Custom Extension as listed above except Male to Male plug. Used for some power box and other misc uses. This custom extension will have 2 ends that look just like a servo end.

Micro Lite: This type of wire is used most commonly in applications with small servos (.5 oz weight or less usually) in park flyers, foamies, sailplanes, DLG's and other models with low servo loads. You can save a bunch of weight eliminting beefy stock wiring from these smaller models.

26 Gauge Standard: This wire is what you find in most new radio sets and on most mid size to full size standard torque 4 screw mountable servos. This ribbon wire size is a good wire choice for those types of servos (and smaller) if the runs are 24" or less. Good for smaller servos in long runs such as sailplane wings and similar. For example, great for you 60" cub but use 20 gauge your outfitting a 100" Cub.

22 Gauge Heavy Duty: Use for all larger models and anyplace a high torque or digital servo might be used. Use for standard torque servos if your runs are very long (over 24")

(Note, old Futaba G parts are made with 26 guage pigtails regardless of wire choice)

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Connector Male End (plugs into RX)  
Connector 2nd Male End  
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