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Custom Made Charge Cord

Custom Made Charge Cord

Custom Charge Cord or Power Adapter to order. Can't find what you want? We'll build your adapters/cords to order just the way you want them. Want really short cords? Really long ones? Extra heavy wire? Special connector for your non-standard charger? We can do it all.

Note, RX type connector pins (Futaba, JR, Hitec, Spektrum, Airtronics, JST/BEC) should be limited to 4 amps charge rates max. Any of these plugs put on larger wire than our near 20 gauge 90 strand silicone will be added with a short pigtail as the larger wires will not fit in their shells.

22 Gauge wire is 60 strand and good to 6 amps
20 gauge silicone wire is 90 strand and good to 10 amps
24" stock vinyl banana cord is 110 strands and about 19 gauge
17 gauge is our S-480 wire and 210 strands
14 gauge is our Sub C 490 strand wire

Anything missing? If so, be sure to inform us, we'll get the website updated to include your plug.

Price: $6.00 
Connects to Charger/Voltmeter with 
Wire Length & Type 
Charge End Made As 



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