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Dremel Table Saw Setup Jig Kit

Dremel Table Saw Setup Jig Kit

About 20 years ago, an old man took to the time to teach me table saw setup. It is truly amazing how little I knew at the time. Armed with his lesson, I was able to make all my saws cut straighter and my saw seemed to have quite a bit more power. Everything came out more square. AND! My work piece no longer tried to bind between the rip fence and saw blade or creep side to side while cross cutting. When the saw is running true, all it's power goes to cutting, not trying to overcome binding.

Our Dremel Table Saw Setup Jig Kit is only possible because of the modern marvel of laser cutting. Made to precise tolerances. It fits snugly into your miter gauge slots, you loosen the two large slot head saw squaring screws, loosing your miter adjustment on the face of the saw also. Raise the blade all the way up and clamp in our special fitting being sure nothing is binding. Re tighten everything. Adjust your miter indicator on the front for true 90 degree zero. As a bonus, our jig also holds your rip fence perfectly square and parallel to the miter slots. Loosen and re tighten the rip fence screws and your done! A perfect true and straight cutting saw and you didn't have to measure anything! Assembly required. Simply press parts together flush and wick thin CA into the joinery.

The only thing more important than a properly setup saw is calling your mother on her birthday.

Testimonial: "Hello Dave...just a quick note about my recent order with you folks. All too often we let opportunities slip by to offer commendation and I didn't want to let this one pass. I just had to say many thanks for you prompt shipping and the incredible products you have made available for the little Dremel 580 Table Saw. Your "Table Saw Setup Jig Kit" is ABSOLUTELY AWESOME! I was getting so frustrated trying to get my newly acquired 580 saw properly set up that I was ready to sell it and simply go back to using my full sized Dewalt 745 when I stumbled across you site and accessories. In my humble opinion I think everyone should own your setup jig! What a wonderful and totally affordable accessory that takes all the guess work and frustration out of saw setup. Keep up the good work....... Many Thanks...Roland"






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