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EZ Lock Dremel Cut Off Wheels - Product Image

EZ Lock Dremel Cut Off Wheels

Operator must wear safety glasses for all power tool use. Particularly cut off wheels.

These are my pick for the toughest and best cutting wheels for your Dremel Moto Tool. The innovative mandrel allows the wheel to run out of alignment to the tool. Mandrel allows some movement of the tool without binding in the material. This is the best system I have ever used. I've yet to see a disk explode (though anything is possible) as is common with other systems. Toughest longest lasting cutter I've ever used.

EZ-Lock mandrel is required to mount these wheels. Part number: EZ406 One-piece mandrel design simplifies the process of changing cutting wheels. Eliminates need for tiny mandrel screw and screwdriver. Compatible with all Dremel rotary tools. Cutting wheels work on a wide range of materials from metal to plastic.

INCLUDES: One-piece mandrel with five cut-off wheels.
SKU Number: EZ456

Price: $11.99 



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