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Excel Large Adjustable Plastic Hand Clamps  2" x 7.5", 2-Pack - Product Image
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Excel Large Adjustable Plastic Hand Clamps 2" x 7.5", 2-Pack

Excel Blades Large Adjustable Plastic Clamps 55664

You can't have too many clamps around the work shop. 2" jaw depth plastic hand clamps (7.5" opening) come in handy for those light weight, delicate clamping needs. One pair.


SET OF 2 LARGE PLASTIC CLAMPS - Engineered using premium plastic materials for strength and durability, use this set of 2 adjustable clamps to securely hold delicate objects tightly together to prevent them from moving or separating.

SECURE & STABLE - A mainstay in any professional DIY kit, these indispensable tools of the trade are your new go to for assembling, holding and securing objects securely in place during your project.

INCH-MARKED SIDE BEAMS - The design of these 7 Inch plastic clamps incorporate side beams marked in inches for your convenience and are an ideal tool for architects, graphic artists, designers, hobbyists, and crafters.

NOTCHED JAWS - The notched jaws on these plastic locking clamps help to keep your project steady, while the easy to use quick release lock releases the jaws at a moments notice.

MADE IN THE USA - This USA made 7 inch mounting clamp set offers premium performance even during extended periods of heavy usage. For time-tested quality that you can trust, choose Excel Blades.


SKU Number: EXL55664
Price: $8.00 

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