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Fiberglass Tape 2" Width x 9'

Fiberglass Tape 2" Width x 9'

If you've ever tried to cut narrow strips from a large sheet of glass cloth and had it completely unravel in your hands, then you'll appreciate this Glass Cloth Tape. Best quality fray free edges. 9 foot length.

Glass Cloth Tape has a finished edge on each side to eliminate unraveling problems. Much easier to use! Ideal for reinforcing a wing center section, firewall installation, or any other areas that require additional strength.

Use either Epoxy Glue or Glass Resin to wet out and apply to your surface. Chemically treated to enhance glue/resin adhesion. Available in two handy widths. Only .003" thick, 1.5oz per square yard weight material. 9 feet of material.


SKU Number: SIGSH573



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