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Fokker D7 Kit

Another close to scale kit that can be built to extremely realistic standards, the D7 employs extensive lite ply die-cutting providing interlocking construction for maximum ease of construction and accuracy. The wing sections employed impart incredible low speed handling. We have observed several of these models performing simulated dog fights in which they earned great credit.

Specifications: Type: Near scale biplane
Span: 61" (1550 mm)
Weight: 3.6 kg
Engines: .40-.60 2 strokes, .48-.80 4 strokes
Radio 4 channel
Control throws: Rudder +/- 40mm, Elevator +/- 17mm, Ailerons +/- 13mm.

Centre of Gravity Position: 120-135mm back from the leading edge of the top wing.

Rating: Build Time-Average, Build Skill-Average, Flying Skill-Competent
Instructions-Fully Detailed.

Kit Contents: Strip and sheet wood, Cowl moulding, Pre cut parts, Fuel tank, Engine mounting, Hardware pack.

Sorry, out of production and out of stock.

SKU Number: FL1042

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