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Fuel & Tool Tote 2 Drawer

This fine tote was inspired by a customer at IRCHA wanting a field box that just held his fuel jug and tools, no power panel, no field battery. He didn't request any drawers but I couldn't help myself! You'll find 2 drawers for your goodies. Room to mount your fuel pump, carries anybody's 1 gallon jug or can. Tool stand has enough room for all your ball drivers, plier and hemostat slots abound. A little extra room in the corners of the jug area to stand up props, blades and etc..

Features 2 drawers., built in transmitter rack and glow plug caddy. Has a rugged 1" hardwood handle.

Kit is made from light weight plywood laser cut to exacting standards. Plenty of tabs assure easy alignment and enough glue surface never to fall apart unlike other less thought out field box kits. Ruggedly designed drawers have adequate clearance to slide smoothly even after application of paint or polyurethane. Many features never before available in any field box.

Length: 15"
Width: 7.25"
Height: 16"
Fuel Container Area 6.5" x 6.75" wide.

Weight: Only 2.5lbs Empty. (Weight after finish applied.)

Kit contains all wood, rubber feet, screws, hardwood handle and fuel jug. Approximate assembly time 1-2 hours. Stain or paint to taste.

Price: $36.95 

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