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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

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GWS Gearbox / Servo Mounting Screws, Pack of 4

GWS Gearbox / Servo Mounting Screws, Pack of 4

Screws included with some GWS power systems inteneded for mounting gearbox to firewall. Many possible other uses such as servo mounting screws, you name it. Small, phillips drive. Possible other GWS uses. Flat end screw intended to thread into predrilled hole. This metric screw is slightly smaller than typical 2-56 servo screws, perfect if your looking to shave some grams. Length .350" (9mm), Clearance hole/OD .068" (1.74mm), ideal threading hole .055 (1.4-1.5mm) (#54 drill bit). 4 screws per package.
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