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Hansen Hobbies NERS V2 Nano Electronic Receiver Switch - Product Image
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Hansen Hobbies NERS V2 Nano Electronic Receiver Switch

This is Version 2 of our popular NERS. It plugs into one of your receiver channels and lets you turn a device on/off using a stick, switch, or knob on your transmitter. The device may be driven with RX power up to 10v or a separate battery up to 20V. The NERS performs the operation equivalent to a servo moving a mechanical switch back and forth, but in a much smaller package, and with no moving parts! The NERS will operate with any receiver running on 2-10V and can switch on/off pretty much any device up to 4A (5A for <5s) of current. The NERS V2 is perfect for lights, glow plug drivers, motors, smoke pumps, rocket igniters, solenoids, relays, and whatever else you can think up. Wired correctly, it could be used to trigger cameras or other electronic devices.

If you don't mind doing a bit of soldering, the NERS V2 can be easily reversed and assigned a fail-safe setting. The NERS V2 was designed to use the power from your receiver battery, or use a separate battery, up to 20V.

You may be wondering how the NERS V2 compares to the PERS, so here is a quick breakdown:
The NERS V2 can handle up to 10V from the receiver whereas the PERS is limited to 6V
The NERS V2 can handle a bit more current
The wiring for connecting a separate battery is much easier with the NERS V2
The NERS V2 has the option of having an integrated universal connector, making it the smallest possible solution for that connector type

Choose your Connector from Options:


Receiver Power: 2.0-10.0V

Receiver Current Draw: <1mA (LED off), 12mA (LED on)

Maximum Continuous Switch Current: 4.0 amps

Maximum Momentary (<5s) Switch Current: 5.0 amps

Maximum Switch Voltage: 20.0V (see instructions for using a separate battery)

Circuit size with header, not including wires: 25.2 x 7.6 x 2.9mm (1.00 x 0.30 x 0.11in)


Specs - Universal/JR 6" Lead

Weight: 3.25g (0.115oz)

Overall Length: 18.9cm (7.44in)

Receiver Connection: Universal/JR 0.1" connector, 6" 22AWG Futaba Color wire


Specs - Integrated Universal Connector

Weight: 0.58g (0.021oz)

Overall Length: 2.5cm (1.00in)

Receiver Connection: Integrated Universal 0.1" connector


Specs - 1.00, 1.25, & 1.50mm Connectors

Weight: 0.82g (0.029oz), 0.90g (0.031oz), 0.95g (0.034oz)

Overall Length: 10.2cm (4.02in)

Receiver Connection: 1.00mm / 1.25mm / 1.50mm, 3" 28-30AWG wire


The NERS V2 is available with 5 different types of servo connectors to accommodate the various micro receivers available today. Scroll down to view the different options and cart buttons. Packing Note: NERS's ordered in 1pc quantities will come in individual packages. 3 and 10pcs quantities may be supplied in one package with one set of instructions.

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