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Hitec HPP-22 Programmer

Hitec HPP-22 Programmer

HPP-22 is the perfect companion for the latest generation of Hitec radios and receivers. With the HPP-22 and a Windows® based PC users can download the latest software from the web and setup their transmitter and receivers, save and load data or update their equipment to the latest firmware. With USB plug & play compatibility and an easy to use PC interface the HPP-22 is sure to become a must have for the Hitec user.

Firmware Upgrade
Data Setting
Data Save & Load to PC
Data Reset
Auto Version Check
PC interface for Hitec 2.4GHz Telemetry Monitoring System (With optional Sensor Station & Sensors)

Current Applicable Models:
Receivers: Freedom 9, Optima 7 & 9
Transmitters: Optic 6 Sport, Aurora 9
Transmitter Module: Spectra 2.4 AFHSS Module
The HPP-22 requires an internet connection to download software and a USB Cable with mini-B connector for operation.

Web Address for sofware download is:


SKU Number: HRC44470
Price: $29.99 



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