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Hollow Carbon Rod Wound & Ground Variety of Sizes (Min. qty. 6 rods total; any type rod mix O.K.)

Hollow Carbon Rod, select from a variety of sizes, minimum quantity 6 rods total; any type rod mix O.K.

Wound & Ground (W&G) Rods are more dimensional consistent than cheaper pultruded rods. Carbon runs both lengthwise and around the circumference of the rod meaning they have more radial strength. W&G Rods make superior push-rods, booms, wing and tail spars/joiners. W&G rods are stronger radially meaning they won't split as easily when fittings are pushed inside the bore.

All sizes given are nominal and intended to be useful for model construction. Although these are our highest quality rods, we do not guarantee size or straightness for bearing fit or rotating shaft purposes. We encourage experimentation but do not accept returns where the customer wishes magically for construction priced rods to have machinist priced specifications. ;-)

Minimum order 6 pieces Rod Stock items, see policy below. Make selections (price accumulates per selection), then enter Qty "1" to get one of each size selected (sizes can be duplicated).

IMPORTANT: YOU MUST CHOOSE AN ITEM FOR EACH Mix-n-Match line item; AND/OR, YOU MUST CHOOSE THE LAST OPTION "See my other type carbon selection".

Rod Stock Policy: In order to include long skinny products at our very favorable shipping rates: All USA orders that contain rod-stock items need to contain at least 6 rods. Rod stock is anything over 30". This would include Music Wire, Carbon Rods of any kind, larger Pushrod kits, brass or aluminum rods and anything else of that nature. Thinner items like carbon strips .5mm thick, sub 1mm diameter carbon rods and music wire .020 or thinner ordered in quantities less than 6 rods total will be shipped coiled. Unless otherwise stated, all carbon rod stock is pull-truded construction grade. The resin is heat cured as the fibers are pulled through a die of the proper shape. Sizes are approximate usually within 5%.

HOW TO ORDER: If you want to mix and match types of carbon, only select the sizes you want from this type below (1 selection per item quantity desired), then on the other line items, choose the bottom option "See my other type carbon selection". Then, go to another type of carbon listing to select the other types and sizes you want. If you want all 6 pieces to be the same type and size, select it 1 time, enter quantity of "6" in the quantity box, then make the other drop down options as "See my other type carbon selection". 6-Piece Minimum can be a variety of carbon types and sizes. Click "Add to Cart". Then, if needed, keep repeating this until you have reached the 6 piece minimum and have selected all the types and sizes you want.

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Mix-n-Match Item 1: Hollow W&G Carbon Tube  
Mix-n-Match Item 2: Hollow W&G Carbon Tube  

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