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         Hoop Bumper Mounting     

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Hoop Bumper Mounting Kit - Product Image
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Hoop Bumper Mounting Kit

Fittings allow easy fitting of 2mm carbon rods to form a bumper hoop around end of booms. Attach with adhesive to end of booms or use 4-40 fasteners. Parts are predrilled, one clearance hole, on thread hole for 4-40. Booms should be cut to extend beyond motor mounts to outside of prop arc to make this part effective. Slip rods into holes linking them around circumfrence of copter. Secure with Zap Goo or your favorite adhesive. Indoor settings provide many more opportunities to bump machine into walls, persons or objects. A bumper hoop can reduce the chance of direct immediate prop contact. Whirling props can never be made safe, precautions should be taken not to fly Quad Copters into people or objects. Fly at your own risk! Kit builds 4 mounts, enough mounts for one Quad or Tri-Copter based on 10mm booms.

Additionally, this hardware may be used to create a hoop to attach flying lights or other accessories in an arc around the copter. Enough parts to build 4 blocks as shown in photo. Our 1 meter X copter (used for photo) required 4 2mm carbon booms to connect all the blocks and complete the hoop. In this photo they have not been trimmed, this demonstrates you need for rods to circle a 1 meter copter. Of course, can be used on smaller Tri, Quad and Hex copters.

Price: $6.00 

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