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Kokam Lithium Polymer 3S 3300 mAh - Product Image
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Kokam Lithium Polymer 3S 3300 mAh

Incredible power to weight ratio. 12.6V 3300mah pack weighs 7.2oz. Battery can sustain up to 9.9 to 13.2 amps continuos. Up to 22 amps with ever increasing judicious use of throttle control. S-400 and S-480, Cobalt 400's in fun-fly type models (little full throttle use), use 2 in paralell for larger motors. With a pack like this it is possible you may not have to change packs if you charge during rest breaks meaning you can consider building this "power supply" into your airplane. This pack requires a Lithium Ion Charger rated for the correct number of cells as Ion and Polymer share the same charging method. Reg. price $97 raw, on sale @ $80! Limited quantity.
SKU Number: KOK3S3300SD
Price: $80.00 
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