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Large Solder Tabs

Large Solder Tabs

You'll be amazed how easily these tabs take solder. The large size fits Sub C Diameter cells like RC2000,CP-1300, CP-1700, CP-2400 (shown at top of picture), HR-3000 NiMH and many others. Bottom cells in picture are 1700AUP showing they can also be used on "A" size cells. Can be used on smaller cells if you trim with your cutters. Great for building or repairing your own electric flight packs or larger TX and RX packs. Great for anything 25 amps or less.

Length: .920"
Width: .250"
Thickness: .005"
Approximate Maximum Current Capacity: 15Amps

Hint: Always skuff a cell with sandpaper before soldering. Tin the cell, tin the tab, then seize the two together from the back of the tab. Hotter the iron, faster and better your work. 10 tabs per package.

Price: $1.75 



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