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MAMA Miliamp Monitor for A123/LithiumWerks with Remote LED & Throttle

MAMA Miliamp Monitor for A123/LithiumWerks with Remote LED & Throttle

Designed in conjunction with Dave Thacker at Radical RC, the MAMA is the most inovative way to keep track of your 2S A123/LithiumWerks RX packs ever produced. MAMA actually measures the Mili-Amp Hours you add and remove from your A123/LithiumWerks RX pack both ways. It gives you a visual indication of where your at in the capacity of the pack as your using it in the form of a blink code. At last, a real fuel gauge! This version of the MAMA Includes the remote led feature. Mount on outer surface or on dash to read out blink code. Also included is the throttle blip feture. You can run your throttle through the device if you like and it will give you a quick throttle blip when your getting into serious condition on the pack. Obviously you should'n routinely go that deep, the intention is only to alert you as a last resort.

All green blinks is A-OK, green with some blanks means we''ve used a little, green with a few some red blinks means we are getting close to needing to recharge. If you see more red than green blinks we''ve droped below 40% remaining capacity and it''s time to recharge pronto. Intermitant red or solid red blinks is well into the danger zone. A handy chart and field box card is included to remind you of the simple pattern.

Simply perform a charge/discharge cycle and MAMA learns the capacity of your battery. MAMA delivers blink codes to represent the remaining capacity of your pack based on what you''ve actually used out of it. Any capacity LIFE (A123/LithiumWerks) 2S pack may be connected to MAMA. Your charge/discharge cycle allows MAMA to calibrate to your pack. Even if it''s a veteran 2300mah pack with only 1900mah capacity remaining, she figures it correctly. It's even ok to put a short charge into the pack that does not fill it completely. MAMA has seen this trick before and will give accurate readings anyway.

Optionally, you can run your throttle servo connection through the MAMA and she will give you quick throttle blips if you ever drop down below 30% remaining capacity. The blips are brief so that even if your in a climb out or other critical manouvre you get an opportunity to return under control for recharge.

This unit can be used with either Futaba/JR/Spektrum or any ohter universal connector. Includes optional remote LED and thorttle features. (Use of warning throttle blip feature not required for proper function of MAMA.)

Constant Current Limit: 10 amps
Intermitant Current Limit: 20 amps
Current Draw In Use: 5ma
Current Draw At Idle: <100ua (1 million uah per amp hour)
(time to run down full 2300mah pack at rest is 10k hours. Months of rest is safe.)
Size: 2.05" x 1.10"
Weight: 12 grams

SKU Number: SLKMA0110
Price: $44.95 



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