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MOLICEL Ultra-High Power 4500mAh Single Cell, #INR21700-P45B Air

MOLICEL Ultra-High Power 4500mAh Single Cell, #INR21700-P45B Air



Molicel has dedicated their product development in the path of ultra-high power cells with focus. 

The launch of a new generation 21700 power cell, INR-21700-P45B, featuring 7% higher capacity however 22% lower DCR compared to P42A. Its consistent 45A discharging performance has now enhanced hugely with superior fast charge capability up to 3C charging rate. 

This is a starting point of low impedance version that shall be ideal for premium segment in EV, eVTOL, micro-mobility, home appliances and more applications.


Molicel Battery - Ultra-high Power Cell INR21700-P45B

Cell Voltage: Nominal: 3.6 V; Charge: 4.2 V; Discharge: 2.5 V

Typical Capacity: 4.5Ah (16.2Wh) / 4500 mAh

Charge Current: Recommended: 4.5 A (1C); Maximum: 13.5 A (3C)

Discharge Current: Continuous (MAX): 45 A

Dimensions: Diameter: 21.55mm X Length: 70.15mm

Weight: 70g

Power Output: 184W (10s, SOC 90%); 168W (10s, SOC 50%)

Energy Density: 643 Wh/l; 242 Wh/kg

ABOUT ADVANCED R&D PRODUCTS & APPLICATIONS bolt Up to 120W Higher retention for discharge energy up to 120W continuously loop 500+ Cycles High rate 80% retention electrical_services Fast Charge 13.5A continues charge south_west Lowest DCIR Max internal resistance 13.8 mOhm trending_down Low Impedance Growth Over long cycle thermostat Thermal Controlling In cell thermal distribution optimized (3-4 °C)

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