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MPI Miracle Switch MK2 - Product Image
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MPI Miracle Switch MK2

This electronic Miracle Switch replaces the regular mechanical switch and includes a built in voltage regulator. Under normal condition, the switch functions like a regular switch. However, when the switch or its wires fail, the current continues to flow. The only way to turn it off under this condition is to disconnect the Rx battery pack.

Large heat sink for optimum performance. Soft-mount Charge Switch can be relocated with a regular extension. Dual HD AWG22 input/output connectors to double current capacity and redundancy. Built-in regulator is factory preset to 5.95V output, fully adjustable between 5V to 6.5V. When input is higher than 6V or any set voltage, it will regulate to 6V or any set voltage. When input drop below set voltage, regulator is bypassed. Weight only 1.7 oz. Idle Current: 0.03 ma max. Current: At 7.4V input, 10Amp continuous, 20Amp max for 1 minutes. Input Range: 4.8V -12V.

Note: Current capacity drops as input voltage increases.
SKU Number: MPIACC405

Price: $45.95 

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