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Mini Glow Field Tote 8 Drawer - Product Image
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Mini Glow Field Tote 8 Drawer

Like our 4D tote above except wider with double the drawers and a skosh more room in the fuel compartment means you can run a 1/2 gallon jug or 1 gallon fuel can in this compact field box.

Features 8 drawers, assortment of dividers for the thinner drawers. Built in transmitter rack and glow plug caddy. Power panel opens up to access additional storage space. Loop-Key cutouts for retaining your 1/2 gallon fuel bottle or 1 gallon fuel can with rubber bands or Vecro strip. False floor lifts out easily for service and replacement of your 12v battery. Has a rugged hardwood handle and a premade internal pathway for fuel pump wires.

Nothing on the market today gives you as much tool space or as many drawers!

Kit is made from light weight plywood laser cut to exacting standards. Plenty of tabs assure easy alignment and enough glue surface never to fall apart unlike other less thought out field box kits. Ruggedly designed drawers have adequate clearance to slide smoothly even after application of paint or polyurethane. Many features never before available in any field box.

Length: 20.3"
Width: 7.25"
Height: 14.1"
Battery Compartment footprint: 6.75"x3.85"x4.2" high.
Fuel Container Area 4.35" deep x 6.75" wide.
Weight: Only 4.55lbs Empty. (Weight includes finish.)

Kit contains all wood, rubber feet, screws, hardwood handle. Aproximate assembly time 2-3 hours. Stain or paint to taste.

Price: $69.99 

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