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Model Motors Mini-AC Extreme 1215/9 With Gearbox

Model Motors Mini-AC Extreme 1215/9 With Gearbox

This is a 'TIL IT'S GONE Special. Was $135.00, Now $89. Note, new in package merchandise, we no longer do business with Model Motors in the CZ Republic. Any warranty issue (I'm not expecting any) must be handled through them, no returns directly to radical RC on this product for any reason.

Brushless motor, 20mm size with added diameter from cooling fins, uses neodymium magnets, carbon case and unique solder posts are manufactured using advanced technologies from finest materials - our standard. Twin ballraced hardened steel shaft and overall robust but very lightweight construction ensure very long lifetime. This small beauties are suitable for use with gearbox or in ducted fans. Tapped hols in front of case match S-400/480 motors making it compatible with many S-400/480 type gearbox's.

I use one of these on a delta and it's sick fast. Enjoy!

Voltage range 6-8 cells
RPM per Volt 6,370 RPM/V
Max. Efficiency with ESC 77%
Max. Efficiency Current 14-22 A (>70%)
Max. loading 28 A / 30 s
No load Current / 8V w gear 3,9 A
Internal resistance 49 mohm
Dimensions with gearbox 24,8x65 mm
Shaft Diameter Gearbox 4 mm
Weight with gearbox 77 g
Recomended model weight 600 - 1200 g
Propeller range VMGM 6,00:1 6 cells prop 12"x8"
VMGM 6,00:1 7 cells prop 11"x7"
VMGM 6,00:1 8 cells prop 10"x6"

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SKU Number: MM121509TIG

Price: $89.00 
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