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Old School Model Works Kaos 60 Kit

Old School Model Works Kaos 60 Kit

The original Kaos is back, and better than ever.

Back in 1970, the February issue of RCM magazine featured a construction article of a design that took the pattern world by storm. This revolutionary design was the brainchild of Joe Bridi and it went on to be one of the most successful pattern and sport models of all time.

This outstanding, contest-winning model was the Kaos and we've based our kit on that same original design, updating it's construction with laser-cut precision, yet keeping all of the outstanding flying characteristics that made the original a legend.

In addition to our unique WEB-LOCK wing construction, this kit also includes a wing jig which makes assembling this triple-tapered wing a snap. Using our techniques, you'll quickly build a wing that's accurate and true - it just so easy to build!



The fuselage is built around a self-aligning, light-weight box for added strength. Surrounding this is the outer balsa skin that is strong, light-weight and twist resistant even when performing high-stress maneuvers. Overall, this balsa/ply airframe is uncomplicated, lightweight, easy to build, and features precision laser-cut parts that fit together quickly and accurately.

The wing is removable via 2 bolts from the bottom of the fuselage and utilizes a dual-servo setup for accurate aileron control. The wing's thick symmetrical airfoil coupled with the fuselage's long tail moment create a neutrally stable plane. Power can come from glow or electric powerplants. We've designed the fuselage with a magnetic top hatch so you have quick access to either your fuel tank or batteries.

Because of the Kaos' simple, clean design, it's a pattern plane you'll instantly feel comfortable flying. What's more, you'll become a better pilot because the Kaos let's you concentrate on technique, not distractions like pipes and retracts.

Our Old School Model Work's Kaos 60 is a Senior Pattern Association and Vintage R/C Society legal design for vintage and retro pattern competitions.


Wingspan: 59 inches

Wing Area: 644 sq. inches

Length (airframe only): 53 inches

Weight: 6.5-8 pounds RTF

Radio: 4 channel


o Glow (.61 engine, 10 ounce tank, fuel tubing)

o Electric (.61 equivalent brushless motor, 85+ amp ESC, 6S LiPo)


Premium USA Hardware

Included in each Old School Model Works kit is a premium hardware package. We only source our hardware from brand-name, USA manufacturers to guarantee the best quality.


Wing Jig included

Build both wings halves straight and true using the included wing jig.


WEB-LOCK Construction

There's nothing else like it. Our exclusive WEB-LOCK construction allows you to assemble the wings with a minimum amount of fuss.


Front hatch

Securely held in place with magnets, this hatch gives you easy access to batteries or fuel.


Removable Tank/Battery Floor

To help with C.G. balancing, we made the tank floor removable in case you'd like to place the receiver battery or the motor's ESC in the space under the floor.


SPA legal kit

Our Kaos 60 is a Senior Pattern Association qualifying design making it eligible for vintage/retro pattern competition.


VRCS legal kit

Our Kaos 60 is a Vintage R/C Society qualifying design making it eligible for vintage/retro pattern competition.


Design your color scheme

Download this sheet to design your Kaos' color scheme.


Additional items needed to complete the Kaos 60 kit:

o Propeller

o Engine/Motor mount & mounting hardware

o "Y" servo harness (for ailerons)

o Pushrods (two 5" for ailerons, two 32" for elevator & rudder, one 14" for nose gear, one 10" for throttle if glow powered)

o Clevises for the pushrods (10 if electric, 12 if glow).

o Wheels: one 2.5" nose, two 2.75" mains

o Covering

Due to high demand, please allow 1-2 weeks for shipment, thank you! 


Price: $274.95 



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