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Old School Model Works Quickie 500 Kit

Old School Model Works Quickie 500 Kit

We've brought back a quick way to turn left & left & left & left. 

And, it also turns right! The story behind the original "Quickie 500" dates back to 1971 when several members of the B.A.R.K.S. (Bakersfield Aircraft Radio Kontrol Society) approached one of their members (Glen Spickler) to see if he was interested in drawing up a one design club racer. What the fellows wanted was a simple "40-size" airplane that would be economical to build and easy to fly. The idea sounded interesting, so out came the drawing board, paper, pencils and a large sized eraser. A model for just one purpose has a limited appeal, so it seemed only sensible that the "Quickie" should also be capable of the everyday fun flying that the majority of Radio Control modelers enjoy, The success of this approach has been proven by the number of "Quickies" built by non-racing modelers who fly the ship in all types of club contests, decade after decade.




Don't let the fact that the "Quickie 500" was designed for racing dissuade you from building one. It's a rugged, easy to fly model that can do most of the stunt patterns and with an ability to slow down for landings which will surprise you. It points well on the straight-away and has no tendency to snap roll in the corners. No matter how slow you fly, the ailerons will show no tendency to reverse or quit working. You can be sure that the "Quickie" is a well-proven design, capable of giving many hours of pleasure whether it be club racing or just barnstorming around. We certainly don't consider the "Quickie 500" a trainer, but anyone who has advanced to the aileron stage shouldn't have any problems with it. Give it a try, it's a fun airplane!



The "Quickie 500" is at its best when built as a club project. Try to get some of your friends to build them too. Then have a ball play racing or just have fun tearing up the sky!


Wingspan: 51 inches

Wing Area: 510 square inches

Length (airframe only): 37.25 inches

Weight: 3.5 - 4.25 pounds

Radio: 4 channel system

Power: o .25-.46 glow engine, or equivalent electric power system.


SKU Number: OSMQ500KIT
Price: $189.95 



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