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Old School Model Works Sunday Fighter Fifty-One Kit

Old School Model Works Sunday Fighter Fifty-One Kit

"Get in quick. Punch Hard. Then Get Out!"

Fast, but not too fast. Maneuverable, agile and responsive - but not tricky. A snap to build - and with a fully sheeted airframe, surprisingly rugged compared to most.

Don't let the lack of landing gear scare you. Hand launching is easy because of the fuselage's light weight and strengthened design. In the air, it really looks the part without any exposed gear to detract from it's clean lines. Bringing the Fifty-One in for a belly landing on grass is just as easy.

You should see them take evasive maneuvers in Dog Fighting. Evade with snap rolls into spins, Immelmann turns and a loop.

OSM's Fifty-One kit is part of our Sunday Fighter lineup and just might be the most fun you've had in a long time.

Because of the interlocking design and high quality laser cutting of the parts, the Sunday Fighter is a quick build. Not only does it build quick, but it also builds straight and true as all of the parts are designed to align properly with a minimum of fuss and alignment tools.

The wing is removable for storage/transport and for giving access to the radio/servo area. From there you have easy access to install most any brand of radio and control linkages.

What's more, the fully assembled model can fit in the trunk of most cars.

Although mainly designed for electric power, you can also use a .25-sized glow engine as well. Glow engines are side mounted. Electric motors are mounted on the "extended" firewall to space the motor the proper distance forward.
When assembled, you now have a blank canvas and can apply any number of color schemes, or make up your own.
In the air, the Fifty-One is a blast to fly. A simple hand-launch gets it airborne, then you can cruise quite easily and 1/2 power. Throttle up for loops, eights, snaps, spins, hammerhead turnaounds - or maybe a screaming low-level pass, right down the runway. When you're ready to land, simply throttle back and gently bring the Fifty-One in for a belly landing on the grass.

This is just one design in our growing Sunday Fighter series.


Wingspan: 44.5 inches
Wing Area: 330 sq inches
Length (airframe only): 39 inches
Weight: 3 - 3.5 pounds
Radio: 4 channel system
o Glow (.25 engine)
o Electric (350+ watt, 60 amp ESC, 3-4s LiPo)


Premium USA Hardware

Included in each Old School Model Works kit is a premium hardware package. We only source our hardware from brand-name, USA manufacturers to guarantee the best quality.

Dual Ailerons

Mounted under the lower wing, these two pre-cut aileron hatches make it easy to install the aileron servos.

WEB-LOCK Construction

There's nothing else like it. Build our wings, straight and true - with a minimum amount of fuss.

Battery compartment

Perfectly sized to take 3-4s 2200 lipo packs, plus an ESC. Open design makes batteries easy to swap out, and keeps the components cool.

Under-Fuse Air Scoop

Just like the full-scale, our Fifty-One has a scoop under the fuselage. It's held in place by the wing bolts. Fly with or without it - your choice.

Additional items needed to complete this Sunday Fighter kit:

o Propeller
o Engine/Motor mount & mounting hardware
o 4-5 mini servos depending on setup: 4 flight controls, 1 for throttle if glow
o "Y" servo harness (for ailerons)
o Pushrods (two 6" for ailerons, one 10" for throttle if glow powered, two flexible 26" for elevator & rudder)
o Clevises for the pushrods (8 if electric, 10 if glow).
o 1-1/2 - 2 rolls of covering
o 3" spinner

Due to high demand, please allow 1-2 weeks for shipment, thank you! 



Price: $189.95 



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