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Pack Heat Shrink

Pack Heat Shrink

Use your covering heat gun or other heat source to shrink new skin on your custom built or repaired battery packs for a clean professional look. Material shrinks about 50% for wide range of use.

Heat Shrink Colors vary, not necessarily what you see in the photo. We do not get all colors in all sizes. There is no color choice.

Important Fitting Instructions If your unsure of what size you need, take a paper strap, wrap around your project and tape together. Slip the paper band off, flatten and measure it's width. Pick next size larger. Your shrink must fit over your cells "AND" your tabs and wire. Smallest size that will slip over your pack/project shrinks and looks best. Get a variety of sizes. This material is too inexpensive not to keep on hand. While wishing may be cheaper, laying your hands on a section when you need is more rewarding.

22&23mm (3/4") Recovers AA cells.
29mm (1 1/8") Flat 1/3AAA packs.
33&34mm (1 5/16") 1/3AA Flat packs.
37mm (1 7/16") Recovers Sub C Cells, 1/3AAA,Block, N-150 Flat, AAA Square, AA-x (2 stick packs)
46mm (1 13/16") 2/3AAA(RRC370-400)flat,2/3AAF (Nicad 270/350)600AE
55mm (2 1/8") A123 2500 Single Barrel Sticks, A123 Double Barrel 1100 Sticks, Recover D cells, 2/3AAA Block,AAA Flat, AA SQ, 2/3SubC (CP1300) Flat
60mm/ (2 3/8")
62mm/ (2.44")
67mm (2 5/8") AA Flat, A SQ, A Flat, 4/5A (1700AUP)Flat, A123 1100 Flat around Diameter and 3 cell stack, Sub C flat, 4/5 Sub C Flat, AAA Block, Sub C X(2 stick packs).
75mm (2 15/16") A123 2500 Double Stick (shotgun) AA flat, A flat, 4/5A Flat, 4/5 A (2150 and 1700 AUP Nimh) Flat.
80mm (3 1/8")
83mm (3 1/4")
85mm (3 7/16") A123 2500 Pyramid (1 over 2) Snug, A123 1100 Flat packs (around cell length), 5/4A (NiMH 4000)Flat. Sub C Hump & Offset Block Snug.
95-96mm (3 3/4") A123 2500 Flat Packs (Around length of cell), 1500 Kokam 3S blocks. Sub C Hump & Offset Block Easy Fit.<
105-106mm (4 1/8") D size flat packs. TEMPORARILY OUT OF STOCK
112mm (4 3/8")
125mm (4 29/32")
127mm (5") Some 12v Power Supplies
140mm (5.511") 12v Power Supplies like DPS600 575 watt. Barely fits PS3381 400 watt.
175mm (6 7/8") (167mm & up)Will cover around ends of sticks of 3 AA cells like Gold FG and Stylus TX. packs.

205mm (8.05")
300mm (11 13/16")

Hint: Cut shrink about 1/4" longer than pack, center pack and shrink ends of pack first. After the ends are captured shrink the middle.

Sold by the foot and cut with a customer friendly ruler. Note: Sizes 125mm and up are over $1 a foot. Pricing is modified as you choose your length and width.

SKU Number: PS022-300
Price: $1.00 
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