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Quick Wing 20mm "Double Trouble" - Product Image
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Quick Wing 20mm "Double Trouble"

Feel The Need For Speed?

Capable of big sky flying or ball park low-n-slow! You can trust the Quick Wing in any flight condition. Any 20mm brushless motor system capable of turning a 4-6" prop at 50-150 watts or more will work well. She is sure to please the most speed hungry wing fanatic while still retaining very good slow speed handling characteristics. Quick "3D Jigsaw Puzzle" assembly in only 1-2 hours. World class laser cutting and design make this one of the quickest and most enjoyable balsa models you will ever build. You'll be amazed at the wide speed envelope the Quick Wing has. It easily goes from high speed to ball park flying with no bad habits. I'm totally comfortable recommending this kit as a good 2nd or 3rd model as long as you keep the power system modest. Advanced pilots can take the power as far as they like.

Note, with the advent of the new pusher APC-E props you can do a counter rotating setup. For counter rotating get the spinner sets that say CCW and CW (Counter clock wise and clockwise). Getting two CCW spinners means your going to run both props in the same direction. Most 20mm motors have 2mm shafts and require the PS22 2mm shaft adapter. If your using a motor with a large shaft like the RRC 2880 below you won't need those adapters.

Wing Span 28.9"
Wing Area 291.2 sq. in.
Weight 13-18oz.
Length 13.75"
Average Cord 9.75"


Required: Covering;3ch+ Radio with elevon mixing; RX;2 Micro servos (HS-55 or similar); 2 each 50-200 watt 20mm motors; 2, 4-6" matching Props; 700-1800mah+/- 2S-3S LiPB; ESC.
If you select a receiver (RX), tell us which channel you need at checkout.

Pilot Report:

Wanted to thank you for the fantastic design of the 20mm Double Trouble Wing. I built this kit up and put some more than modest power up front, and I was impressed with how well it flew. Almost straight up at full power. Stable as an advanced trainer once I made one C.G. adjustment. Slows down to a crawl. Easier to see than my Quick Wing 20mm - which is also a fantastic little performer. The guys at the local flying field love it when I break out these little flyers.

My Double comes in at exactly 16 ounces, and with two Rimfire 20-40-2080 in-runners with 6x4" props - counter-rotating - and a couple 2 cell 1000 MaH LiPo's, that gives quite a nice power to weight ratio. The counter rotating props are nice as there is symmetrical thrust. Loops are perfectly straight. Vertical climbs are effortless.

Sam Lindsay, Flight Instructor, Sarasota, FL


See Quick Wing Video Here!

Price: $73.00 
Motor System  
Electronic Speed Control  
Connectors-ESC & Motor  
Lipo Battery Packs  
Micro Receiver  
Micro Servos  
Spinner ClockWise avail. Sept  

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