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RRC 2.4ghz Defibrillator Large

RRC 2.4ghz Defibrillator Large

2.4ghz receivers are more sensitive to momentary low voltage spikes than 72mhz was. The issue is 2.4ghz receivers are in effect little computers and there is a re-boot sequence that takes time. Some RX's are more trouble than others in this regard. The RRC Defibrillator holds a charge in reserve for use by your RX when a low voltage spike occurs. This support greatly reduces the depth of the low voltage spike in effect providing a bridge across the valley. In many cases, a brownout and reboot will be avoided. Of course there is no substitute for proper wiring and good quality power supply for your onboard electronics. Running the RRC Defibrillator will provide an extra margin of insurance when things don't go exactly as planned.

How to use: Plug into any empty RX channel respecting proper polarity. If you don't have an extra channel to plug it into, a Y harness in a used channel is just fine.

The RRC Defibrillator is built from high quality stuff, it's fully insulated, uses a heavy pigtail that is properly strained relieved just like one of our fine quality battery packs.


Price: $7.00 



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