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RRC Anderson 2 Pole Laser Cut Mounting Box

RRC Anderson 2 Pole Laser Cut Mounting Box

This is a RAD new item! Radical RC Laser Cut Switch or connector mounting Box Kit to make your own custom mounting box for Anderson Power Pole Connectors. Anderson Power Pole connectors will slide connect to each other in a gang type set up. This box allows you to mount a 2 pole gang into a sturdy box so that you can easily plug your mating plugs into it. This version is for 2 Connector set up. The box will mount two different ways. Firewall mount or through a fuselage bulkhead. Also will "Flush or Cheek Mount onto side of any flat surface.
Instructions include wiring diagram for such uses as: A switch or Load Check Port, Arming Key, Charge port, Glow driver or Voltage check port.
Note: When Arming Key is installed, it is flush to fuselage sides to reduce aero drag.
Photo shows a display of the assembled box along side the kit laser cut parts sheet.
This is a kit that must be assembled.

Price: $5.00 



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