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RRC Fuel Bottle Fitting Set

Set of parts to install in your metal or plastic fuel cap. Complete with nuts, washers, orings. All the parts to make a nice setup. Barbed fitting for your internal clunk line on the inside, outside, run a line from this barbed connection to your fuel pump. The outlet of your fuel pump, use a length of line to suit and terminate in the tappered fill fitting. The cap fitting with smooth bore is your air vent fitting. The Air vent fitting is inteneded to have a silicon line section forced through it (maybe 2"), leave 1" inside, 1" outside. When done fueling plug your fill fitting into this line for a sealed system.

A trick for getting the section of silicone line inside the vent fitting is to start with a longer section, maybe 4", cut a sharp angle point on the end of this line. (dyke it back at a sharp angle) Push the point through the fitting, pull through till centered. Trim off your point end. Everyone will wonder how you got the tube in there. ;-)

Price: $3.95 

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