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Your Radical RC 370 2/3AAA Cells Electric Flight 8.4V Pack Block Nested Source!

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Radical RC 370 2/3AAA Cells Electric Flight 8.4V Pack Block Nested

Radical RC 370 2/3AAA Cells Electric Flight 8.4V Pack Block Nested

3 over 4 block nested pack. This is the choice cell to replace old fashioned 110 Nicad electric flight packs. Slightly less weight per cell with nearly 3x the flight time. Generally for models 10oz. or less. Fantastic on the GWS motors, MG-1, anything up to 4.5 amps constant. This is the highest amp output to weight ratio NiMH in existance. It will even serve to replace your 270-350 NiCad pack you've been using in your S-280 machine. Be sure to use one more RRC-300 cell than you'd used in a NiCad pack. GWS Pico-Stick, Tiger Moth and the like you'll want a 7 cell Flat pack. 8 Cells are best for lower drag ships without undercambered airfoils on the GWS IPS motor but may be risky for the GWS Kits which are high drag and pose a greater load on the motor with 8 cells. 7 cells will give your GWS-IPS motor a normal life in any case. Remember, always us a NiMH pack with one extra cell over NiCad reccomendations. Just as there are very few 5 cell NiCad ships that work there are very few 6 cell NiMH setups that work. Don't waste your time with 6 cell NiMH unless you know exactly what your doing. Wire length is 6", if you order connector it is set to about 2". Weight (7 cell pack, no connector) 56.2g, 1.99oz. RRC Brand cell. Select your shape, cell count and connector below.
SKU Number: RRC07H0370BN
Price: $15.00 
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