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The E-Hornet! Anything from 6V S-400 to Astro 020 direct. The Hornet was a great Sport Airplane that went out of production over 20 years ago. This re-think includes legal mods for the WORKS Model Airplane club racing rules and latest world leading laser cut design techniques. This is absolutely the most exotic laser cut kit I have designed to date. Everything the laser can do is done here. You can power it for extreme speed or make it a real pussy cat of a sport plane. I know you will enjoy this model. The E-Hornet with high power and the addition of a folding prop is very much like a Hot-Liner without the price tag. With a 6V S=400 or other sub 100 watt power system it's a nice sport plane. The wing area and airfoil produce an extremely wide speed envelope. Kit has over 110 laser cut parts. Very exotic for a 1/2A sized airplane.

Wing Span: 37"
Wing Area: 224 in.sq.
Weight: 15-24oz.
100mph+ speed rated if you wish-80 to 300 watts.

Seen flown at SEFF, NEAT and the Mid-AM. If your ready for something new and hot that isn't the same mindless drivel that everybody else has, this is it! Wing attaches without any screws or rubber bands. Pop on, pop off! Screws and rubber bands have been around for centuries, we do it better here! Kit features our new Space-Frame-Doubler construction, a Radical RC innovation resulting in ultra light weight yet rugged design.

Select from many options below or design your own power system. The E-Hornet will accept a wide variety of motor systems.

Dan Zaleski's build thread on the E-Zone.

Price: $69.00 
Motor Option  
Spinner Option  
Spinner Collet Options  
Speed Control  
Soldering Motor  
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