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Radical RC Intern 66

The Intern 66 is our first entry into larger E-models. Under development for some time. Years of teaching experience was used to evolve the traditional trainer beyond yesterday's standards. As one of my clubs instructors for over a decade, I've developed a real joy for teaching RC and a good knowledge of what works best. Additionally, one of my favorite forms of flying is to take a trainer and thoroughly wring it out showing how exciting and aerobatic this kind of model can be. For the Intern 66 project, I wanted the perfect trainer that was also capable of outpacing any trainer I ever flew in the aerobatic department. This kit is the successful result of our efforts to arrive at such a goal.

Power me with any Power system in the 300 to 700 watt range turning 10-13" props and pitch speeds at 60mph or less.

The "US Army" model pictured foreground is setup 5 degree dihedral with GWS outrunner #007, 983 KV, 3S 3200 pack and weighs 3.33lbs. (52oz). Any of the props below would be good depending on the power level you seek. This model feels like a perfect trainer in flight (except I have my throws a little higher than you'd use for instructing) and is capable of barnstorming aerobatics enough to satisfy anybody. In fact, it will just hold a knife edge with minimal mixing. I fly it currently with a 12-8 APC-E prop and it has unlimited vertical early in the pack. However, I like it best for it's reasonably powerful yet "on the wing" aerobatic capability. She is really sweet! For a student, use this setup with 11-5.5 or 11-7 until they are ready to handle more power. The power "IS" in the prop you know. For styling, I couldn't help myself, the tundra tire look just seems to really set off this decal set.

11-5.5, 28.7A, 323 watts, 43mph Pitch Speed, 50oz thrust, Max climb 1542 ft/nin @47 degrees.
11-7, 33.2A, 374 watts, 53mph Pitch Speed, 54oz thrust, Max climb 1790 ft/nin @51 degrees.
12-6, 36.9A, 415 watts, 43mph Pitch Speed, 59oz thrust, Max climb 1938 ft/nin @58 degrees.
12-8, 43A, 484 watts, 54mph Pitch Speed, 63oz thrust, Max climb 2208 ft/nin @64 degrees.

The Navy Trainer shown background is setup 1 degree dihedral, GWS 008 Outrunner 842 KV, 4S 3000 pack. Weight 3.5lbs (56oz.). This is my brutal stump pulling setup. I fly it currently with a 12-6 prop. As you might imagine from the spec's below it's near pattern like, only slightly heavier and vertical is no problem here. More power than I was originally planning for this kit. We put it together to test the lower dihedral and a power system that I thought nobody would ever want to exceed. Note, with 1 degree dihedral, yaw is pure like a pattern ship, Ailerons must be employed to execute a roll or turn. This is truly brute powerful and outside of where I think most people will like this model best, however I present it here for your consideration along with all probable props you might use here.

10-5, 24.9A, 374 watts, 50mph Pitch Speed, 56oz thrust, Max climb 1535 ft/nin @42 degrees.
11-5.5, 34.7A, 521 watts, 51mph Pitch Speed, 73oz thrust, Max climb 2171 ft/nin @58 degrees.
12-6, 45.5A, 683 watts, 52mph Pitch Speed, 89oz thrust, Max climb 2807 ft/nin @90 degrees.

(Note pitch speeds higher than 54mph are NOT reccomended, this is a "tractor", not a "racer".) Over time, consumers have been slowly trained to accept heavier and heavier trainers in the ho-hum 40 size ARF trainer market. The normal range is 5lbs (for a light weight one) and 7lbs near the top of the range with 5.5 t0 6 lbs being more normal. Our Intern 66 smashes today's bloated trainers and sets a new weight standard far superior to even yesterdays finest hand built kits. I've often helped modelers trying to convert 40 size models with 3S power systems. This is usually a big error because the watts per pound you need to get good performance is nearly impossible to obtain in most cases. Here the model is so exceptionally low in weight that you can easily make the "common mistake" a super successful combination here. Never fear, even my lowest wattage setup above will outperform the average glow trainer. I've not listed any slouch setups here.

I am confident in saying this is probably the lightest weight 40 size trainer ever kitted and offered for sale in the history of our sport. It's so light weight perhaps using the word "probably" is being way too cautious but I wish not to offend any excellent accomplishments unknown to me. All in all I feel this is some of the best work I have ever done. You'll really enjoy this build and you'll have a unique and extra special model as a reward.

Weight: 3lb 4oz-4lb
Span: 66 inches
Area: 747sq inches
Airfoil: Semi Semetrical - Dave's Secret Recipe Length: 48 inches

Requirements: RX, 3 mini servos, 250 to 700 watt power system; Wheels: Main: 2.25-3.5 inches; Tail: 1-1.25 inches; & retainers.

EZone discussion about this kit. Check out many build photos and see the amazing fit and construction of this kit.



Price: $160.00 
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