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Radical RC Master Wire-Crimper-Connector Set Futaba Type - Product Image
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Radical RC Master Wire-Crimper-Connector Set Futaba Type

Master Tool Kit containing everything for your RC workshop needs. Includes our custom wire-crimper and cutter-stripper, connector pin sets and valuable heat shrink sizes all in one complete tool kit.
208 total pieces.

Detail list of items in the set:

Pro Grade Tools:
A crimper
A combination wire cutter/stripper
BEC male & female, 6each.
Futaba Male connectors, 20 each.
Futaba female connectors, 20 each.
Pro Grade Heat Shrink:
3' of 1/16"
3' of 3/32"
3' of 1/4"
2' of 3/8"
50', 22g Twisted HD,
25', 22g Ribbon HD,
15', 22g 2 Pole Battery Ribbon,
25', 26g Ribbon-Std,
15', 30g Micro Lite Ribbon

All components are organized in a rugged resealable storage box. Imagine, when you need something, knowing exactly where it is!
These components and tools are the same professional grade that Radical RC uses inhouse.
Storage Box Dimensions 14" x 8.5" x 2"
Total Weight 2lb, 15 ounces

Price: $119.00 

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