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Radical RC Micro Bipe

Get out the fly swatter boys!

If you've grown comfortable with our Micro Stick, perhaps you are ready for the Micro Bipe. This aggressive little beast does not know it shouldn't be able to fly. Kit comes with all the parts required to build with the large top wing (13.8" span pictured) for intermediate pilots or the small top wing (only 10.8"!!!) for the bolder more advanced pilots. Comes complete with pushrod wire, horns, rod end keepers, landing gear wire and wheels.

Suggested (not included) components are Medusa 12mm 4000kv outrunner, 2-3 6g or smaller servos, Micro RX like Berg 4 (sub 10 gram), 350 to 760mah 2S HD lipo pack, props to suit motor with adapters and lots of testosterone! She can be tamed quite a bit with the large top wing but we warn you; she's pure aggression with the small top wing. Build her wisely!

If you select a 72mhz Berg receiver (RX), tell us which channel you need at checkout.

The Micro Bipe weighs in at 4.5 to 5.5 ounces depending on equipment choices. Kit exhibits our new ultra-rugged Space-Frame doublers and inline Formers, both Radical RC innovations in the RC Kit Field. Like most of our kits, 90% of it may be assembled prior to gluing due to the close fit of the lazer cut parts.

If your thinking of other motor, mini outrunners & etc., the requirements are 30 watts plus and 50mph pitch speed or more. Only the smallest lightest motors should be considered.

Additional photo showing both Eindecker and Sport versions. Either version can be built from the kit. The TX shows scale of the bipes.(Note, an error exists in the manual as packaged, the brushed 50XC motor is NOT an option for this kit.

* Asterisk items are Our first and favorite picks. All items listed are good choices.

The Medusa 4000kv on GWS 3-3 prop is my all around favorite setup. A 4-2.5 prop may also be used for less speed and better climb on the 4000kv motor (Requires adapter to 4mm prop). Optionally the RRC 4500 on 3-3 is also good. For more extreeme performance, the Medusa 5300 on 3-2 or 3-3 prop and 2S battery. Be sure to get the Fox Lite mount for any 12mm motor. The 3" GWS props press directly onto 1.5mm shaft motors, the 1.5mm reamer is suggested below to ease pressing on the prop. 1.5mm motor shafts are more easily bent, 2mm shaft motors are also offered. They require drilling the prop out with a #49 (.073") bit and have more rugged shafts.

* Indicates my favored choices.

Price: $47.00 
Motor System  
Motor Mount  
ESC Speed Control  
Lipo Battery Packs  
Micro Receiver  
Prop Reamer  
Extra Props  
Prop Adapter  
Micro Servos  

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