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Radical RC Mini Hunter

I wanted a sport fan that would ROG on a decent surface and "sport" fly very well too. There are lots of cool fan models that require bungee launch or a pro pitcher to get them airborne. Also, most ducted fan models only do one thing well, "go fast". The Mini Hunter is something different. With the stock GWS EDF 40's she'll get off pavement in about 12 feet. So, on your club runway that's 400 feet+ long to accommodate turbines, you'll have no trouble taking off across the width of it. In fact, landing or taking off between 2nd base and the pitchers mound will be a breeze at the local ball park. When you get her airborne you'll find you have a very well behaved sport airplane with sharp looks and good aerobatic ability. If you can fly any of our "Stick" models, the Mini Hunter will be a snap for you. Landings are surprisingly slow. Flight times are good with the fans too. The fans are positioned to allow part of the airflow to go over the wing. This nets us a model that can still be fast if you want yet can slow down to make very slow fairly high alpha landings without worry of the tail surfaces or the ailerons quitting on you. You see, like a prop driven model, the control surfaces of this model are in the fan thrust airflow. Kit includes steerable nose gear and my special "Monkey Motion Un-mixer" to un-mix V tail off the tail servos to drive your nose gear steering pushrod. The kit's worth the price just to see how this monkey motion unmixer works! ;-) This is a true "V" tail design. We use magnetic push button wing release so battery change out is a breeze.

The Mini Hunter may also be powered with direct drive props if you like. Any two 12mm motors will fly it. For brushed use Twin 50XC motors. Remember, this model will get off in 12 feet, climb at 45 degrees or better, and is plenty quick with the brushed fans. You do not need brushless to have a cool model here, but we've got it to serve up to those wanting to build a monster.

Newest Power System? Another cool setup is twin 12mm 50XC 4.8V motors wired in series on 2 or 3S.

Finished weight 7.75-9 oz.
Wing span 23".
Wing area 132in. sq.
Length 19.5"

Build as 3 or 4 channels, requires 4 each .2oz or less servos, small RX like Berg Microstamp 4L RX, Castle Pixie 7 or GWS ICS300 for 40mm fans (yes one esc drives both motors for brushed). Twin Castle TBird 9's for twin brushless fans on 3-3 props. Use a high discharge pack, weight budget for the battery will accommodate 2S 640 to 3S 1000.

International shipping note: box size is 24 inches long and approximately 16oz. weight.


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If you select a receiver (RX), tell us which channel you need at checkout.


Price: $67.00 
Motor System  
Lipo Battery Packs  
ESC Speed Control  
Extra Props  
Prop Reamer  
Heat Sinks  
Micro Receiver  
Micro Servos  

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