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1905 Wright Flyer 68"

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Radical RC Stick 600 - Product Image
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Radical RC Stick 600

Our newest kit! The Stick 600 is the same average size of .40 glow powered Sticks. We left all the ARF out of this one and as a result you can beat the weight of other Sticks by 1.5-3 pounds. Yes, I said POUNDS! The Stick 600 is the lightest weight 40 size Stick (40 size in terms of wing area) that has ever been commercially produced. Build one of these and you will have a unique and rare bird. Flying one will sell you forever on the "light is right" concept. This model easily fits in a ball field if your space is confined. Low wing loading means minimum speed will be similar to many park fliers giving the Stick 600 the widest speed envelope of any of our Stick series kits. Like our other kits in this series, parts are provide for Sport or Eindecker like tails and wing tips. Both in photo were built with sport parts.

This model is everything you expect a Stick to be and everything you expect in a Radical RC kit. Construction is fully interlocking and completely self jigging. It is actually possible to build 90% of the kit prior to applying any adhesive. In fact, most of the assembly is squeezing together friction fit -n- tab self jigged assemblies and applying thin CA sparingly at the conclusion of each assembly. Fit is so good, only the most minimal amount of sanding is needed prior to finish application.

Model is designed specifically for E-power. Predrilled firewalls are included as are blank firewalls and a more short nose mounting location if you want to go glow. I warn you, a hot .25 is all you want here, it's weight is that of a .20 size model in a .40 size fame. Also, the nose is a bit too long to balance with a 16oz lump of a .40 or .46 engine up front. And, it's not needed since you finished glow flying weight will be about 2lbs 14oz on glow. (Not a misprint! Real world weight 2oz under 3lbs are typical).

Instructions include complete breakdown on motor system choices and theory for this model. Because it's so light weight, you can have a legitimate 3S system here. Our prototypes are flying on 3S (foreground) and 4S (background).

Model is built with conventional 2 servo - 2 aileron wing. May be upgraded to 4 servo 3D wing with our 3D Surface Kit. With 3D Surface Kit you can run 2 servo big ailerons or 4 servo split aileron/flaperon combo. Expanded surface for elevator and rudder included as in photo. Note, the 3D Surfaces Kit only works with the "Sport" Vertical Stab. Recommending HS-81 or similar servos.

International buyers, kit box is 37" long and may only be shipped Priority International Mail. Kit only to Canada and Mexico roughly $32, Australia $43, UK $38, Japan $40, you get the idea. Approximate weight of boxed kit is 3lbs, ran shipping estimates based on 3lbs 6oz.

Wing Span: 49.75 avg.
Wing Area: 603.5 sq."
Length: 40"
Weight: 46-58 ounces
Power: 300-600 Watts (100-200 watts per pound)
Laser Cut Parts: 175

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Price: $129.99 
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