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Radical RC VERTI-GO 125 - Product Image
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Radical RC VERTI-GO 125

The Vertigo 125 is a 125% version of the Vertigo 3D S-300 sized park flier.
We wanted a larger Verti-Go and also recognized the trend towards larger and larger models in this park flier category. We built several enlarged versions of the Verti-Go 3D, choosing this design as being the optimum. The "125" sports a symmetrical airfoil. The entire kit is now tabbed and notched with many alignment dovetails. You can probably get this model framed up in the time it takes just to straighten out the typical ARF. Cross grain stiffeners were added to all control surfaces as well as some of the internal parts. In doing this we were able to expand the size of the model while keeping the material thickness the same for most parts. New! You'll see a very novel wing attachment method. No rubber bands and no screws of any kind. It pops on and off in seconds with no tools or parts to lose. The Verti-Go 125 has a lighter wing loading than the smaller version yet retains very similar flying characteristics.


Wing span = 35.1",
Wing Area: 446 in. sq.
Weight = 15-20oz
Length:36 625" .

Yes, at a larger indoor venue you can be flying a one pound plus model that fits in very nicely. Set up mild or wild as a 3D Monster, we think you'll enjoy this latest version of the Verti-Go. We appreciate the opportunity to share it with you!

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